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‍The standard practice in physical rehabilitation is to apply controlled stress to the joint or muscle that needs healing. The body responds to this controlled stress by rebuilding the area of focus. The same is true with the brain. The Senaptec Quad Strobe applies controlled stress to the area of a visual pathway that needs healing, making it a unique and highly effective treatment.


Each lens of the Senaptec Quad Strobe is segmented into quadrants, with the center intersection aligned with the pupil at primary gaze. The opacity and clear state of each region can be independently customized to the occluding spatial and temporal patterns desired.


The Senaptec Quad Strobe eyewear also induces sensory re-weighting by limiting your complete vision – both central and peripheral vision. Limiting peripheral vision limits spatial reference to the visual world, which causes the wearer to be more dependent on somatosensory information to maintain postural control.



The Senaptec Strobe eyewear is a sensory training tool designed to improve movement, balance and reaction time by removing visual information so the individual can process visual stimuli more quickly. The Senaptec Strobe eyewear works its magic through a flickering effect that intermittently blocks the user’s vision. In alternating between clear and blocked vision, one’s brain is forced to fill in the gaps and anticipate movement. This heightened sensitivity instantly sharpens and streamlines vision, improving one’s eye-hand coordination, movement, balance and reaction time. As the Senaptec Strobe eyewear can be integrated into existing training drills and exercises, they provide an adaptable and unique experience for each user.


The Senaptec App is portable training designed as an extension to the Senaptec Sensory Station. The Senaptec algorithm learns and adapts to help push people forward and achieve better results. We recommend a daily regimen of 10-15 minutes. As sensory skills improve, the Senaptec App will automatically increase the difficulty to continue honing these skills.


Titans Edge is your all in one sport and performance lab, with a mission to elevate amateur athletes to future professionals. Whether it is a sport or medical application, we focus on the game’s cognitive, visual, psychological, and mental performance side. We enable athletes to use our industry-leading sensory equipment and software to assess their baseline and develop a training program based on individual needs.

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