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Neurotracker Cognitive Training System

When used consistently for just 6-minutes a day NeuroTrackerX heightens human performance, increase mental awareness and resilience in the face of adversity. The program hones in on the brain’s core functions and trains them much like any other muscle in your body.

Executive Function

Focuses on your functionality in organizing, planning, and prioritizing.

Peripheral Vision

Sense motion by being able to see objects at wide angles without turning your head.

Visual Info Processing

Process and analyze accurately what is being seen and storing it in visual memory for later use.

Working Memory

Improve performance on reasoning tasks and reading comprehension, as well as functioning through your day.


Titans Edge is your all in one sport and performance lab, with a mission to elevate amateur athletes to future professionals. Whether it is a sport or medical application, we focus on the game’s cognitive, visual, psychological, and mental performance side. We enable athletes to use our industry-leading sensory equipment and software to assess their baseline and develop a training program based on individual needs.

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