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Sensory Station

Your senses dominate your ability to control movement and responsiveness. With 80% of the brain dedicated to sensory processing, improving your senses dramatically impacts both quality of life and overall performance.

The Senaptec Sensory Station is the world’s only complete sensory performance assessment and training solution with comprehensive cloud-based data and analytics. This one solution promotes brain health to maximize performance and improve vision, focus and mobility for people at all stages in life. In less than 25 minutes, 10 visual and sensorimotor skills are assessed to quickly show an individual’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

After the assessment, the Senaptec Sensory Station automatically creates a training plan by selecting from the 14 training modules and other Senaptec sensory tools to provide most improvement. All performance results are encrypted in a secure database accessed by all your Senaptec training devices making it easy to keep track of progress. As your skills improve, the training modules adjust automatically to remain challenging and promote continuous improvement.

10 sensory parameters

01. Visual Clarity

Good vision starts with clear data from the eyes.

02. Contrast Sensitivity

Detecting contrast is the beginning of vision and is critical for recognizing objects and faces.

03. Depth Perception

Judging depth assists in navigation, accurate timing, and proper anticipation for a potential collision.

04. Near-Far Quickness

Changing focus quickly is important for movement, spatial judgment, and making timely decisions.

05. Perception Span

Perceiving and retaining a broad range of visual information helps make quick and accurate decisions.

06. Multiple Object Tracking

Sensing the movement of multiple objects is crucial for spatial awareness and proper movement.

07. Reaction Time

Reacting quickly to a visual input is crucial to success in all areas of life.

08. Target Capture

Fast coordination between peripheral and central vision ensures you observe important information.

09. Eye-Hand Coordination

Moving hands quickly and accurately based on visual input is foundational to interaction with the world.

10. Go/ No Go

Inhibiting motion in response to new information protects from mistakes and potential injury.

14 Sensory Training Modules

01. Eye-Hand Coordination

02. Go / No-Go

03. Dynamic Vision

04. Perception Training

05. Response Inhibition

06. Spatial Memory

07. Spatial Sequence

08. Multiple Object Tracking

09. Depth Perception

10. Near Far Shift

11. Visual Search

12. Tempo

13. Shape Cancellation

14. Visual-Motor Integration

Quad Strobe

This allows you to activate each region independently and customize the occluding patterns desired, an incredible breakthrough that further enhances strobe eyewear capability and use. This technology is ideal for elite athletic training, rehabilitation and preventative health to build brain health and ultimately aid human performance.

Synchrony Pro

Anticipation timing is an essential skill you rely on every day. The simple act of catching a ball requires your eyes to track motion, your brain to judge distance, speed, and trajectory, and your muscles to move in time with the ball’s arrival. The Senaptec Synchrony provides an effective and fun solution engineered to sharpen and refine these judgement calls – both in sport and in everyday life.


Why go Pro? The Synchrony Pro travels beyond the capabilities of the standard Synchrony, with the Proximity Sensor serving as the ticket to a personalized experience.


The Senaptec Proximity Sensor activates based on sound, motion, or breaking a light beam, delivering excellent accuracy and removing training limitations. To illustrate, a baseball player could activate the Senaptec Proximity Sensor when swinging a bat over the device. The result?A breakthrough experience that allows the user to train their anticipatory response while performing the action using their tools for competition. The Senaptec Synchrony is a brand-new, patented technology designed to train eye-hand timing, responsiveness, and accurate judgment of moving objects; the Senaptec Synchrony uses LED lights to simulate motion.  The device is controlled with your ownAndroid smartphone or tablet with the Synchrony App, a free download from the GooglePlay Store. Each module is customizable to create individual programming. After each session, a detailed performance scorecard is generated.Additional triggers and LED extensions are available for purchase to further tailor to your needs.


Titans Edge is your all in one sport and performance lab, with a mission to elevate amateur athletes to future professionals. Whether it is a sport or medical application, we focus on the game’s cognitive, visual, psychological, and mental performance side. We enable athletes to use our industry-leading sensory equipment and software to assess their baseline and develop a training program based on individual needs.

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