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Choose the program that suits you

Whether you are just curious or ready for a journey to unleash your inner titan, our technology and customized programs are designed with you in mind.

Program Senaptec Training Neurotracker Training Ryzer Training In-person Lab Training
Titan Home
Inner Titan One session per month
Ultimate Titan Three sessions per month

*All programs are subject to a Baseline Assessment and fee*

Pay as You go Titan Services

Sensory Station Training

Strobe Eyewear Training

Neurotracker Training

Synchrony Pro Training

*Pay as you go Titan Services are offered in either 30min or 60min training sessions by appointment only*


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Titans Edge is your all in one sport and performance lab, with a mission to elevate amateur athletes to future professionals. Whether it is a sport or medical application, we focus on the game’s cognitive, visual, psychological, and mental performance side. We enable athletes to use our industry-leading sensory equipment and software to assess their baseline and develop a training program based on individual needs.

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